TSP 7000 Turret Truck

Setting a New Standard in Throughput

The TSP 7000 Series turret truck offers unrivaled lift and lower speeds so operators can move more product in and out of the warehouse. The unique MonoLift™ mast provides the ultimate in visibility and stability all the way to 675″ — maximizing your vertical warehouse space.

With a maximum capacity of 3300 pounds, the 72/80 volt TSP 7000 operates in a very narrow-aisle space only inches wider than the truck itself. Free-lift (TF), no free-lift (TN) and triple-telescopic (TT) mast options are available to suit most any turret truck application.

Drive Unit/Drive Motor

A massive AC traction motor and associated drive unit provides unparalleled top travel speeds and precise control at low speeds.


Crown’s exclusive Move Control™ Seat provides unprecedented levels of flexibility for the turret stockpicker operator. The seat can be positioned at -20, 0, 60 or 90 degrees allowing the operator to choose the optimum position for each task. Multi-task controls are located on cushioned armrests that can be adjusted to a number of preset positions. The seat pad and backrest also swivel independently for an added degree of mobility and comfort.

Control Handles

Crown’s multi-task controls offer an advanced ergonomic design and allow blending of five primary functions (travel, main mast lift/lower, auxiliary mast lift/lower, traverse and pivot) for greater productivity.


Full electronic steering provides smooth and easy maneuvering. Top travel speed is reduced when the steer wheel is greater than 10 degrees. The innovative steering tiller can be operated as a finger divot or with a flip-up tiller knob.