C-5 Series Forklift

Pushing Limits Inside and Out.

With true industrial components, from its advanced cooling system to its 2.4L engine the C-5 delivers more power, greater force and longer life.

Advanced Cooling Comes Standard

Overheating is one of the biggest threats to an internal combustion (ic) engine. Inefficient cooling can cause reduced performance, component damage and even lead to total engine failure. That’s why Crown developed a comprehensive cooling system that cools the engine more efficiently, increases truck performance and extends engine life.

Crown paid attention to customer needs and the effect that heat has on engines, transmissions and overall performance. Crown’s standard Dual Open-Core radiator provides separate cooling for the engine and transmission. The open-core design further supports temperature management by reducing the potential for debris build-up on radiators— keeping your operations moving even in the most intense environments.

Safety Through Stability

For the C-5 Series, Access 1 2 3® technology plays a critical, proactive role in keeping operators out of unsafe conditions. This comprehensive, integrated approach supports safe, efficient operating practices designed to build operator confidence, rather than test it. Some competitor trucks rely on complex sensors that react to unsafe operating conditions. These systems are often difficult to repair and costly to replace.

Service Made Simple

Every component has been thought through to offer the ultimate in open door accessibility. From its removable side panels to generous access space, you’ll see we designed the entire truck for standing access. And, integrated technologies like Access 123® Comprehensive System Control and a Crown intuitive display make real-time truck performance feedback possible.