Once the sale is complete, the work begins.

The Service Department is the backbone of any successful material handling company. At AJ Jersey, we believe that we have created one of the finest service departments in the industry. From the many fine service products that we offer to the wealth of experience that we possess, at AJ Jersey your service needs are in good hands.

AJ Jersey stocks a large quantity of Forklift Parts as well as other Material Handing Parts you may need. We believe a large inventory of quality parts is key to providing fast and efficient forklift service to all of our customers.

Time and Material (T&M)

Often referred to as “On Call Service”. The Time & Material service plan leaves the administration and responsibility of forklift maintenance in the customers hands. From scheduling repairs and periodic maintenance, to fleet utilization and cost analysis studies. With the T&M service plan the customer is responsible for:

  1. A one time travel fee
  2. An hourly rate for service time
  3. All parts used for the repair

The T&M service plan is best suited for companies that don’t want ­service ­contracts. The company wants to call in all their own service calls, and pay for what is needed, when it is needed. It is recommended that this type of service is supplemented with a PM Agreement.

Planned Maintenance Program (PM)

Planned Maintenance, the best of both worlds. You know you don’t want to “be in the forklift business”, yet you want to minimize & control fleet repair expenses and keep a tight handle on fleet utilization and cost analysis. With a Planned Maintenance program the customer steps out of the “forklift business” and lets the “forklift professional” do the work for them.

With a Planned Maintenance program you receive:

  1. An hourly rate for service time
  2. The travel fee is waived
  3. Scheduled Planned Maintenance
  4. Periodic maintenance reports
  5. Cost analysis & utilization reports
  6. All repairs necessary are billed separately as T&M

The Planned Maintenance program, best suited all companies that wish to reduce their overall Time and Material service costs. By keeping your fleet clean and lubricated properly, you help your forklifts perform better and avoid large, costly overhauls.

Full Maintenance Program (FM)

Full Maintenance, a plan designed for the companies with strict budgetary constraints. With the FM program, we design a plan which locks forklift costs for a periods as short as one year or as long as five years. Imagine knowing what your forklift repair and periodic maintenance costs are going to be for the next five years?
With the FM program you’ll receive:

  1. All repairs (except abuse or misuse)
  2. No travel fee
  3. All parts required for the repair
  4. Scheduled Planned Maintenance
  5. Periodic maintenance reports
  6. Cost Analysis & utilization reports
  7. A 50% reduction on rentals if you forklift needs to be shopped for repair

Almost seems too good to be true, but it is. You’ll receive all this for one set monthly rate. The FM program is designed for the mid to large company or the company with strict budgetary constraints. It allows for fixed repair and maintenance costs and protects you investment from the date of purchase.


AJ Jersey carries over $650,000 worth of OEM parts “in-house” and on our service vans. Computerization assures that we have the parts in stock when the customer needs them. Our Parts Department staff has over thirty years of experience furnishing genuine factory-approved, quality parts for Crown, Daewoo and most brands of lift trucks.